About Me —

Currently a Creative Director for Mayweather Boxing + Fitness with a BA in Communications: Photojournalism from California State University, Fullerton and now living in Vancouver, WA.

Visual communication is about solving a problem. I’m not going to be trendy for the sake of ‘being current’ and would much rather seek out a simple and effective solution that would stand the test of time. Good marketing is simply telling the truth, if you need to exaggerate or add a bunch of empty shiny fluff, the product or service probably needs fundamental help.

If you want to tell the truth through a good story that connects at a universal human level, I’m all in. At the end of the day, I love to use my skills and knowledge to help others succeed in their goals and have some fun in the process. 

Black and white portraits are my jam. They have this powerful way of simplifying an image to it’s core. Light, shape, and the person. I find people fascinating and each individual unique. Even photographing the same person again a month later is a different experience to be had and enjoyed. 

I love Jesus, Katie – my wife, Elliot – my son, all things food & drink, traveling, camping, art, tattoos, and the Los Angeles Clippers — since the Elton Brand days, and still have my kid’s jersey from jr high to prove it.

I'm also 1/2 of lowborn.us — which is my wife and I's little side hustle geared towards non-profits and small businesses in their early stages. 

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